“I wrote this thing, but how do I know if it’s any good?”

It’s a common problem. Is my writing ready for the world to see?

It’s not just a problem for amateurs. When I write a spec script, I have a team of agents and managers ready to read it. But I also have a secret weapon. My Writer’s Circle. A group of writers and filmmakers that I’ve formed over 25 years. Artists that know story, and more importantly, know how to make story better.

And now, you have a chance to access that expertise.

These are not “readers with experience as development executives.” “Development execs” are often the first paid job one gets in Hollywood.

These are pros. Produced writers and producers who have the connections necessary to know the ever-changing state of the business. Truth? A good chunk of my success is due to their notes.

That’s what we do. We give notes. We don’t call it “coverage.” Coverage is telling you what someone thinks your script is. Notes tell you all that, but we focus on what your script COULD be.